Genetic Cancer “Signatures” and Drug Treatment

CancerResearch into the genetic aspects of cancer has revealed the appearance of so-called genetic cancer “signatures.” These signatures are unique to the different common forms of cancer. Researchers have also found some 7,000 genes that comprise these signatures.

These signatures are what define the genetic mutation that causes cancer to develop, multiply and spread. The research is very promising to the field of cancer research and treatment as it may help to determine which drug therapies are likely to have the best results in treating certain types of cancer.

Understanding the genetic background of cancer better helps researchers understand the processes behind the development and spread of cancer. The better we understand these processes, the better we can target treatments effectively towards treating cancer.

While we do understand some of the causes for cancer, such as lifestyle choices like smoking, many common forms of cancer appear seemingly out of nowhere. Furthering in our understanding of how healthy cells begin to mutate into cancerous cells, prevention and treatment will improve and the possibility of a cure gets closer to reality.

So far, research has shown a number of processes that are common across the various forms of cancer and these processes are now being studied in depth. It seems that a number of different processes work in tandem in the development and spread of cancer.

Some of the genetic signatures found are common to cancer in general, whereas others appear to be unique to a particular form of cancer.

This research provides a wealth of potential and hope for the future treatment and even cure for cancer.