Pharmaceutical research & education

An education in most areas of the medical field is always a great decision. Regardless of the status of the economy, what political party is in office, etc., people will always need medical care. The field of pharmaceutical research and education is a fast-growing area of research that holds a lot of promise for the future. There are a variety of different subdisciplines for those interested in pursuing careers in pharmaceutical research and education.

What Does This Field Involve?

Drug development is one of the most important areas of pharmaceutical research. This is where new types and classes of drugs are theorized, formulated and tested before they ever make it to market. Rigorous testing to ensure the chemical stability and safety of new drugs, studies into dosage and methods of drug delivery, as well as extensive clinical research on efficacy and potential side effects are all part of the process of getting a new drug from the conceptual stage to the therapeutic treatment stage.

Example drug calculation

Educating and education are also a huge part of the pharmaceutical sciences field, The impact that new drugs, studies on drugs, and so on has on lives and health and wellbeing cannot be understated. This is why high quality education as well as continuing education are such a big part of the pharmacological field of study. Educational programs designed to best train the next generation of pharmaceutical science educators are a great choice for those looking to get into a solid, reliable and future-focused educational field.

Jobs in the Field

educationThere are a wide range of potential job settings for individuals with an educational background in pharmaceutical research and education. From educational institutions, drug companies, governmental bodies, and non-profit institutions, this is an in-demand job field with a lot of potential for diverse career paths and upward mobility. Jobs in research, analytics, marketing, indirect support of the health care system, manufacturing of new drugs, educational and management positions are just a few of the potential career paths for a graduate from such a degree program.

Pharmaceutical Scientist

Salary: $104,000 – $210,000
School years: 4-6
Job outlook: Very Good

Pharmaceutical research and education is a fast-paced, future-focused educational path that offers one the ability to get in on a wide number of career paths. From research, management to education, the career possibilities for someone with an education in pharmaceutical research and education are almost endless.