The Difficulties of Efficiency in Health Care

Health care, in the United States in particular, but everywhere in general, tends to suffer from a severe lack of innovation. Most health care systems are not friendly to the patient, they are inefficient, redundant and overly expensive, which also, in turn, restricts access to vital health care. What is the reason for this? What makes the health care system so difficult to streamline and bring into the cutting edge of efficiency and consumer friendliness?

Caduceus with First-aid KitCertain political and social forces do hinder the ability for the healthcare system to become more efficient and less redundant. Limited budgets, the dueling desires of constituencies and so on make it difficult for any comprehensive plan to overhaul the healthcare system from moving forward.

This is not, however, to say that efficiency in the healthcare system is impossible. Quite the contrary, there are a number of key ways that we could dramatically improve the efficiency by which our current system operates.

While the healthcare system does provide a vital social benefit, it is also a business, though not often run like one. Profit cannot be the defining motivator for action taken in healthcare, but conversely, it does have to play a role. Focusing on streamlining business operation and reducing redundancy and overhead cost is a great start.

It is also imperative to remember that healthcare recipients are consumers and should be treated as such. This means increasing consumer friendliness of operations. All businesses must leave customers satisfied if they hope to be successful and a successful health enterprise is no different.