Zephrex-D Subject to Same Regulation As Traditional Cold Medicine

Recent regulation has required that any products that have ingredients that are commonly used in the illicit production of methamphetamine be kept behind the counter at retail outlets and pharmacies so as to comply with new DEA regulation. These ramped up efforts at control are aimed to reduce the street production of methamphetamine by making the substances harder to acquire, while still allowing consumers the ability to access over-the-counter cold and flu remedies.

Zephrex-DA Saint Louis drug manufacturer developed a new medication called Zephrex-D and created a formula that makes it incredibly difficult and expensive to process the medication into methamphetamine. The company hoped that these efforts would allow the drug to remain traditionally over-the-counter, meaning the drug is kept on store shelves out on the floor where customers can serve themselves without interaction with a pharmacist.

The DEA, however, recently announced that stores would be required to use the same discretion with the storage and sales of Zephrex-D as would be used with other similar type medications. The DEA acknowledged that this medication made the production of methamphetamine more difficult for producers, but not impossible. Chemists working for the DEA were able to synthesize small amounts of methamphetamine from Zephrex-D, which led to the announcement by the DEA.

While the manufacturers of Zephrex-D are not happy with the decision by the DEA, as it spent time, research and development dollars to create a formula that complies with the law, it is apparent that it does not do enough to avoid being classified with other medications that can be used in the production of meth.